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PODs by IonThree


Solve Talent Acquisition Challenges

Hire emerging talent to regain your senior talent.

Acquire emerging talent effortlessly

Retain your experienced talent for critical projects

Decrease attrition

A Continuous Cycle of Hiring

Build your team strategically with a hiring feeder system of cultivated talent and trusted resources.

We believe in cultivating talent before you hire.

Cultivating talent after onboarding can lead to unexpected costs and poor retention.

PODs by IonThree are...

...teams of rising stars, dedicated to your organization.

Small teams of 2-4 emerging engineers who have the base skillset to be successful with guidance and opportunity work to understand not only your technology but your company, culture, and environment.

PODs by IonThree are...

...horizontally scalable for flexibility.

Having one POD is great and all that you may need for now, but when your trajectory changes, the PODs can grow with you. Add to your existing POD, start a new POD of the same technology focus, or start a POD for a different division of your company.

PODs by IonThree are...

...cultivated by industry experts to ensure quality.

Our Technical Mentor and POD Advisors are IonThree talent multipliers, focused on the professional growth of our teams of all-stars and working with you to take work off of your plate.


Are PODs the solution for you? Let's find out.