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about us

IonThree is built on the principles of Trust, Respect, and Skill. With years of experience in IT and technology, you can rest assured that we'll provide you with educated guidance on what strategy will be best for your organization.

What we DO

ionthree builds on your potential

More than just staffing, training, or consulting

We took our traditional model and redefined it in order to serve our clients in a way they will benefit from well into the future. Looking at the long game rather than the next project.

We are part of your team

Seamlessly blending together to make the most of everyone's potential and time.

Who we are

our leadership

Manash Sahoo


Kara Olvaney

Business development manager
Industry Experiences

varied experience means better solutions

With collective years of software development, product and team management, design, recruiting, human resources, business development ( name a few) experience, you can rest assured we are looking at the bigger picture for a better solution.

With decades of experience in the software market, we have the knowledge to understand your legacy systems and to help you bring them into the present in the best way.

We have had great success hiring for our team and want to share our expertise in order to help you realize your vision!

Our team has managed dozens of projects and even more teams and individuals and it is with this knowledge that we want to guide you in the right direction.