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Align your talent

Backlog can overwhelm your development team. Hiring and mentoring new talent puts additional pressure on your development team.

   PODs offload this, allowing your team to pursue key initiatives.


more than staffing

We customize your POD to move your team forward

Be Involved

Collaborate with us to build a customized team and vet them alongside us

Design Your Talent Mix

Leverage our relationships to find talent of varied skill set and level


more than training

Watch your POD develop and grow into your unique hiring pool

Bridge the Gap

Customize your POD for future success

Defy Constraints

Utilize your hiring budget efficiently

Take On Backlog

Refocus your team


more than consulting

You made the great decision to build a realize your investment

Hire from your POD

Your custom POD is your go to talent pool for up to speed new hires

Offers Simplified

With a deep understanding on both ends, client and software engineer know what to expect

Onboard and GO!

You know your POD member and they know you! They're ready to roll!

Our Process

Daily Workflow


Daily integration of client and POD.


Assigned tasks are completed efficiently with the support of POD mentors.

Code Review

Mentored review creates a unique POD learning opportunity every day.


Hear from our PODs.

👋 Let's ConnectChatWork Together

We are here to answer any question you may have.