We offer services in four main categories:

SaaS Implementations & Integrations

Software as a Service (SaaS) provides organizations with the ability to take advantage of lower costs and challenges with implementations of their business software packages. Software provided through managed Cloud hosting eliminates the need for maintaining separate installations of software on client machines through-out your organization while making the latest versions and updates of software available on a continuous basis for your employees. Click here to learn more about SaaS Implementations & Integrations.

Mobile Strategy & Development

Ion Three can assist you with developing your own mobile strategy and application. Whether it’s how to just make sure your website and other marketing efforts can be easily viewed on mobile devices. Or, how easy it is for your audience to find the information they need on mobile devices to increase your business objectives. Click here to learn more about Mobile Strategy & Development.

Cloud Computing

Each cloud service has advantages, disadvantages, along with different ways to accomplish different tasks. In order to find the most cost effective approach, it will be important to design an optimal architecture.

With experience building High Availability applications on Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure clouds, Ion Three can work with your business requirements to determine the best cloud service to host your application.

Click here to learn more about Cloud Computing.

Program Management

You can rest assured that Ion Three will confirm every detail of your project with the necessary stakeholders and constituents for a successful completion and launch of your new project or service. Click here to learn more about Program Managment.

Pod Program

Hiring developers who will grow with your team over time can be extremely cost-prohibitive. Through Ion Three’s Pod program, you have a partner who will work with you to recruit, cultivate and empower talent, cutting down on the cost and time you spend hiring and training new employees. Click here to learn more about Pod Program.

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