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Reporting Automation in SalesForce Marketing Cloud

SalesForce Marketing Cloud

Problem: Franchise Company Needs Reports Across Franchisees

A leading food franchise runs their marketing campaigns centrally through SalesForce Marketing Cloud (formerly ExactTarget) as a service for their business entities, which include franchisees as well as company owned stores. In order to show value to their franchisees, the company provides reports around subscriber counts, unsubscribes, clicks, and opens. They also consume the same reports internally for company owned stores. However, the built in reports in SalesForce Marketing Cloud do not provide a way to segregate numbers in their business model. The company was stuck exporting their data into Excel spreadsheets and aggregating, segregating, and massaging the data manually every month to prepare franchise level reports — a very time and labor intensive process. The company also did not have the budget to pay for the SalesForce Marketing Cloud advanced reporting solution or an external reporting provider.

Enter Ion Three

Ion Three was contacted to figure out a way to make the process easier. We started by analyzing the existing reports and data structures in the client’s account in SalesForce Marketing Cloud. Using our deep experience with the available automation and query functionality in SalesForce Marketing Cloud, we were able to design a cost-effective solution that aggregates the franchisee level data in a simple click of a button. The aggregated and segregated data can now be put directly into a spreadsheet without the need for further modification, allowing reports to be generated in a fraction of the time than before.

The Solution: Data Extensions, Query Activities, and Automation

Ion Three created a solution that uses data extensions, SalesForce Marketing Cloud’s custom data storage system. The solution aggregates email statistics using query activities and puts the aggregated data into a data extension, then exports that data extension into a comma-delimited file, which can then be easily consumed using Excel. Final piece of the puzzle: an automation job that refreshes the data extension and exports the data in one simple step.

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