Program Management

Program Management for Large Projects and Portfolios
Effective program management and project management can be a delicate balance between communication, logistics, problems solving, and customer service. With numerous years of experience, Ion Three has taken on this task for clients and provided well-managed and well-documented solutions for our clients.

You can rest assured that our team of experts will confirm every detail of your project portfolio with the necessary stakeholders and constituents for a successful completion and launch of your new project or service.

The Approach

Ion Three approaches program management both from top-down and bottom-up, providing you with the right expertise that you need at each level.

Ion Three's Approach Pyramid

Ion Three’s Approach Pyramid

Program Management Methodology

Project portfolios with large projects require a well-thought-out methodology. Ion Three has spent years developing our methodology that covers the four key areas: Communications, Sponsorship, Project Management & Delivery, and Tracking & Measurement.

Right Program Management

Right Program Management

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