Empowered Talent

Build a minor league to major league feeder system that cultivates potential future hires mentored by seasoned technologists.

Hiring developers who will grow with your team over time can be extremely cost-prohibitive. Through Ion Three’s Pod program, you have a partner who will work with you to recruit, cultivate and empower talent, cutting down on the cost and time you spend hiring and training new employees.

Companies can lower their average cost-per-work capacity by hiring entry-level developers to develop their less complex requirements. This enables you to reduce the typical impact of hiring and training entry-level developers when you would otherwise use senior-level resources from your team who have a high opportunity cost and often too busy. External training programs are frequently highly irrelevant and sometimes add no value to your team.

A mechanism similar to the baseball’s “Minor League” to “Major League” feeder system can help companies onboard entry-level developers deliberately and methodically.

Rather than training, Clients use offsite teams led by seasoned developers to work on real tasks (not training) so new developers are quickly adding value and simultaneously gaining relevant hands-on training.

Clients have the option to hire any of the entry-level team members at any time.


  • Client receives completed work throughout process
  • Client builds a pipeline of candidates for hire
  • Candidates becomes familiar with client’s business and technologies
  • Using a mix of highly-skilled developers working alongside junior-skilled developers produces a lower cost-per-hour capacity

Ion Three is currently actively hiring for the below roles:

Software Engineer Team Lead

As a Team Lead,  you will be leading  overseeing the work of 9 Junior Developers in order to help them cultivate their skill set in preparation of becoming great consultants to their perspective clients. You will work closely with our Senior Consultant to pull projects from the clients’ dockets and divide them into sprints for your 3 teams of 3 Junior Developers. As they work on these projects, you will be helping them to understand new concepts, encouraging them to work together, and tying up the loose ends to deliver solid consulting solutions. As an integral part of our development team, you will help to build on our Pod Program and find unique solutions in a team environment.

  • Working knowledge of the following technologies:
    • JavaScript
    • .NET Framework
    • C#
    • SQL
    • CSS
    • HTML
  • Work with 3 Junior Developer teams  to complete development sprints.
  • Capable of teaching new concepts and technologies
  • Communicate status of assignments to Junior team members, Senior Consultant and Client.
  • Produce weekly summary of  work accomplished, decisions made, and Juniors’ skillset growth.

Qualifications and Education Requirements

  • Bachelor Degree Preferred

Junior Software Engineer

As a full-time Junior Software Engineer at Ion Three, you will be assigned development tasks specific to your client that will engage you in learning their technologies and systems while making a productive contribution to their company. You will be trained on the client’s technologies and systems in preparation of the opportunity to be hired onto their development team. Along the way, you will be working on a small team of junior developers to complete development sprints. This team will be led by a senior and lead engineer, who will consistently work with you to build on your current development abilities and ensure you are growing and excelling in the client’s technologies and systems. Our collective goal is to achieve a point in your training that, upon being selected to be a full-time employee of the client, you would be able to hit the ground running as a contributing member of their development team.

  • Beginning understanding of the following technologies:
    • JavaScript
    • .NET Framework
    • C#
    • SQL
    • CSS
    • HTML
  • Work with teammates to complete development sprints.
  • Independently capable of learning new technologies.
  • Communicate status of assignments to teammates, Team Lead, Software Engineer and Client.
  • Produce weekly summary of  work accomplished, decisions made, and skillset growth.