Mobile Development Case Study

HTML5 and PhoneGap Helps Deliver Applications Rapidly

HTML5 PhoneGap Application

HTML5 PhoneGap Application

Problem: Company sinks $250,000 into native apps with no results

A leading question and answer service needed mobile applications for both Android and iOS. They had previously spent over $250,000 over the course of a year with other consulting companies to deliver native applications and still did not have a release-ready application. The application was unstable and was built in technologies that they could not maintain. The native development could not easily take advantage of existing API frameworks the client possessed.

Enter Ion Three

Ion Three engaged with the client to evaluate their requirements and use knowledge of both native and HTML5 development platform for the client. The client’s needs ultimately did not justify using native development, which is more complex and resource constrained. Within 8 weeks we were able to deliver the mobile application to both the Apple Appstore and Android Marketplace. The app received around 250,000 downloads and had a 4 star rating.

The Solution: HTML5 + PhoneGap

Ion Three offered a rapid development environment more familiar to the client based on HTML5 and PhoneGap. This combination of technologies would allow the client to:

  • Go to market faster as the same code can be used for multiple platforms.
  • Utilize other web developers and CSS experts in the company to help with mobile development.
  • Experiment with ideas quickly as development is quicker.

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