SaaS Integration Strategy Case Study

e-Signature Integration

e-Signature Integration

Problem: Contract management software provider needs electronic signature capability

An Indianapolis based long-term client of Ion Three provides cutting edge contract process management software in the cloud. As an organization that wanted to provide an end-to-end solution to manage contracts, an important step in the process was still left for manual execution: the collecting of signatures. This means manually printing, signing, and scanning a document back into the system, for some contracts, multiple times, causing unnecessary delays in the final step of the contracting process.

Enter Ion Three

Ion Three, having also been engaged with the client in creation of their product, worked with the client to carry the idea from inception to completion. Phase one involved the analysis and evaluation. Initial research revealed 30 e-Signature providers in the market. Ion Three narrowed down the alternatives to 6 vendors, and created small, working Proof of Concept (POC) applications. The POC tested the advertised API capabilities to see how well they would work with the client’s infrastructure.

The Solution: Pluggable Integration

When integrating a new system into a SaaS product, the ability to swap external integrations as the product evolves or supporting multiple providers is an important concern. After evaluating the alternatives and picking a provider, Ion Three architected a loosely coupled solution that integrated the chosen e-Signature provider for today’s needs, and will allow the client to swap out the chosen provider for a different provider should the chosen one not fulfill the needs that arise in the future. Under phase one, Ion Three delivered the candidate inventory, a decision matrix (features, weights, and scores), POC projects, and implementation architecture, timeline, and estimates. In phase two, Ion Three implemented the design into the client’s product and brought it to production quality.

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